Tees, bends, reductions, flanged spigots, flanged sockets, flanges, blind flanges, carbon steel sleeves and all special parts according to customer drawing, ND 80 to 2,500 mm. Depending on angles and diameters, accessories are forged
or manufactured from tubes that are either longitudinal welded or spiral welded.


  • Anti corrosion primer + adhesive PEHD strip; theoretical final thickness: 1.6 mm
  • 3 mm thick sintered polyethylene
  • Liquid epoxy minimum thickness: 320 microns.
  • Polyurethane minimum thickness: 1,000 microns


  • Cement mortar, thickness depending on diameter
  • Liquid epoxy thickness: 320 microns

*ACS et CCLP sont des certificats d'alimentarités délivrés par des laboratoires agréés par le ministère de la santé.


Steel thickness > 8 mm:
100% penetrant

Steel thickness > 8 mm:
≤ PN10: 10 % ultrasound
> PN16: 100 % ultrasound

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